Mom-Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

We used to perceive Instagram as a platform for the hangout of fitness, food bloggers, stylists, and other bohemians. They actively dispense all kinds of fashion advice, but ordinary users find it difficult to put it into practice. The most interesting thing is that in this case there are really useful accounts, whose owners are always ready to share with us their valuable experiences and to inspire new achievements. Today we want to tell you about a few Instagram profiles that will not only delight the eyes of young moms but also give them the opportunity to learn something new for themselves.

Katie Atkinson (@spiritysol)

“Instagram” American artist Kathy Atkinson is dedicated to pregnancy, childbirth, family, and the life of young parents. The author considers her main source of inspiration… a woman. Atkinson devotes special attention to the themes of female friendship, sisterhood, and solidarity. Thanks to this approach, she was able to significantly boost Instagram followers. In her art, Kathy masterfully approaches both complex and everyday issues, not forgetting the irony. Her drawings include both a supermom with her kids on a unicorn and a tired mom with a coffee machine drip. Recently, the New Mexico artist created a series of paintings on the subject of cesarean sections. Katie knows firsthand how difficult it can sometimes be to recover from surgery, so with her drawings, she tries to support women who have also gone through it or are still preparing. One of Atkinson’s paintings depicts a girl with a scar on her lower abdomen, and right on it – the inscription: “A miracle happened here”.

Teresa Palmer (@teresapalmer)

This Australian beauty has conquered Hollywood but seems to have prioritized family and raising children. The actress has three wonderful babies, photos of which she regularly shares on her Instagram. And … not only on it. The Hollywood star independently runs two blogs on the social networking site called Your Zen Mama and Your Zen Life. If you actively follow her, you can learn a lot about what to post as a mom on Instagram. Teresa Palmer is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly, healthy eating. She recently participated in the development of dietary supplements, subsequently becoming an ambassador for the brand. The photos that Teresa posts are distinguished by their sincerity and lack of pathos, often inherent in media personalities. The actress describes all the stages of pregnancy in detail, gives advice on raising children, and tells how to stay in harmony with yourself.

Christina Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Christina Teigen is a famous model and TV host in America. Now Chrissy is trying on the role of a mother of many children and in her spare time keeps an Instagram page with 39 million followers. The resulting blog is funny and a bit scandalous, the author of which leaves ironic comments on each of the photos and skillfully answers the trolls. So here you should not only look but also read – get a separate pleasure.

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