Android Vs. iPhone Development

Android offers several key benefits for developers. The Google Android platform relies on open source applications, it makes a basis for developers. This allows you to use already created frameworks and plugins for new projects. If you want to create a game for Android, then a game framework can be used by you and you don’t need to reinvent a wheel by building your own. Due of Android open source licensing, it’s acquired a global user base.

Choose the right OS for your projects

Android has 85% of market share of the devices around the world. The markets for Android programs, stores that are Kindle and Google Play, also have constraints on the types when building an app. Android licensing that is open can be a double edged sword. As a result of broad choice of iterations and devices of the OS, there is a substantial quantity of apps.

Whenever you build a Google Android application, you have to test it on a number of different devices to ensure that problems between different versions won’t be critical issues for various versions. Its marketplace has some benefits, when comparing iOS and Android growth. While iOS has some significant benefits for your first application, there are several for Android as well.

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