Airport Parking: What to do with your Vehicle When you are travelling

In most scenarios, the best method that you can use in reaching an airport when travelling to a different location is relying on your vehicle for transport. This mode of transport will require you to make use of parking Adelaide airport services while on the trip. Even though there are other public transport methods like taxis and buses, many people prefer using their own vehicles since it is easy, convenient and fast. Furthermore, the vehicle will be kept in safe hands until the time you get back from your tour.

Advantage of Airport Car Parking

One of the advantages you will get while using airport parking facilities is the fact that you can decide to hand over or pick your car at any time of the day. This is because most airports operate for 24 hours a week and hence offers convenience especially if you come back during the wee hours of the morning when public transport is scarce.

Types of Airport Parking

If you decide to use you vehicle to access the airport, then you will be forced to make do with one of the two types of airport packing services that are available. The first service involves packing your vehicle in a well-lit car park that is a short distance from the airport. You will then have to rely on a free airport shuttle bus that will ferry you to the main doors of the terminal where check in is done. By using this type of packing, the safety of your vehicle is guaranteed since you carry the keys with you hence no one can ride it during the entire period of your trip. Furthermore, the airport will give you the option of making parking payments as soon you come back from the trip or before you go on the trip.

The second type of parking service offered by airports is commonly known as Concierge parking. This option involves a third party in the form of a parking company agent who will deliver the car to a parking site that is away from the airport. This type of airport packing is sometimes conducted by the airport itself or a private company which has been given the

contract. Before coming back from the trip, you must call the parking company representative who will then wait at the airport with the car when you land back.

To make Concierge parking more effective, you will be required to fill out a form that contains information of your vehicle’s condition and the amount of fuel that is present. Although it might sometimes be difficult to trust a new person with your car, you should not be worried when leaving your car in the hands of the parking company. This is because they have an insurance that will cover any damage or harm that is done to the vehicle.

Regardless of the time that is spent on your trip, you should select the best parking option that will make you comfortable. Although expensive, Concierge parking can be taken to be the best option that you can rely on.

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